Custom Private Label Apparel

Custom Private Label Apparel
Custom Private Label Apparel by Sabre Global

Custom Private Label Apparel by Sabre Global

Ready to start developing your own product? First you need to let us know what type of garment you want to produce, we can help you make any piece of apparel you would like. Below are the steps to get you to production.

You can buy a garment/product off the rack of what you want produced with the fit you want. It is important to note that the fit of this garment will be the base of your pattern. We can also work with you to come up with a totally unique design and pattern.

Send the fit sample to us with clear instructions of how you want the off the rack garment altered or modified to be the garment you want to call yours.

We make a first pattern and then first sample in whatever size you sent us.

We send the sample to you and you tell us what changes you want made to the garment.

We then make these changes to the pattern and sample and send them back to you. If there are any other alterations or changes we discuss those and make a final sample for you. You now have your production pattern and sample.

At Sabre Global we will assist you in sourcing the exact materials and colors you want for your apparel. If you want to source your own materials you more than welcome to send us the material for production. But know we are here to help you get the exact look and feel for your garment.

We now work with you in grading the pattern to the sizes you want. We can go from XS to XXXXL it is all up to you. Our normal grading goes from S to XL for mens and XS to L for ladies.

You are now ready for production, all we need to know now is how many items you need in what sizes.

Give us a call to get your designs started.